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Realm Mobile Database For Android Application Database . A Better Choice For Developers .

There is a default SQLite database on Android. We can easily use the SQLite database in our app. But the FastMaster database from SQLite is being Realm. Realm how to use the app, so let’s see. Full documentation of the use of Realm in Android can be found here. To use the Rails Android studio, […]

Why Programming Language Learning is Important For Us? Did You Think About It?

Well, what if the computer was not? If not the internet? If not there was a Facebook? And if Google were not there then what would have happened? How did we find our assignments? Games, computer software, mobile applications, web pages, whatever happens all over the programming. It is computer or computer related. Looking at […]

FireBase Realtime Database Developing . How To Use It ?

Very good service for Firebase Realtime Database Mobile App. One of your apps is using million users. Just like cricket scores updated. Score updates on that as soon as everyone gets updates right away. Users can also comment on that app again. Comments can be read by all users again. All right with Designing such […]

Database Management in PhpMyAdmin (A-Z Full Process with Screenshot)

To store data, MySQL database can be used with almost all programming languages. MySQL can be graphically controlled with phpMyAdmin. Such as creating databases, creating tables, creating columns, creating user management. Everything on the database with data updates of any row. These are to be done in the command line. So graphical is easy to […]

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