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What IS Human Computer Interaction? Read it .

For computers we usually understand the desktop computer. But in fact all of the electronic gadgets around us are all computers. Laptops, mobile, smart watch, cameras, refrigerators, ACs, cars, everything is said to be computer. Apart from this, all the work is done with computerized tools in all factories of the factories. There are special […]

The Terms Of Machine Learning Process . We Should Know Them .

Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence is a branch of Computer Science. This machine learning is a branch of Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is a decision based on the data and predicted. Supervised Learning: The program is trained on some pre-determined datasets. Based on that train data, the program decides. This is supervised learning. As the mail […]

What is Artificial Neural Network? What Is ANN Net ?

General computer programs stupid. The way it is programmed works the way it works. Nothing can do from itself. Some scientists think of how people learn, if they can learn computer, then computer programs can become smart. You can learn by yourself. Can work based on learning. The artificial neural networking section was created from […]

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Discussion . Read It Please .

Artificial Intelligence This artificial intelligence is the most important topic of current and future. Artificial Intelligence We call the correctness of the machine. The intellect is the ability to acquire knowledge and apply it. Machine learning is the accumulation of machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is the one to learn and apply with one another. We […]

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