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Database Management in PhpMyAdmin (A-Z Full Process with Screenshot)

To store data, MySQL database can be used with almost all programming languages. MySQL can be graphically controlled with phpMyAdmin. Such as creating databases, creating tables, creating columns, creating user management. Everything on the database with data updates of any row. These are to be done in the command line. So graphical is easy to […]

Programming And A Programmer . Do You Think Programming is So Hard?

Programming or coding is easy. Anyone can start. Many programmers may say many things about seriousness and seriousness, programming is difficult, and there is a lot of intelligence needed for programming. It may not be said that: Anyone can write code, to write a good code to be a good programmer. Although programming is difficult […]

What is Analogue System & Digital System ? Read It Carefully .

Digital: Digital is coming from the word digit. Digit means the number. It is calculated by isolated by. This topic is used in computers and electronic devices where the normal number or normal data is converted into a binary number. We understand digital as a digital system, which is an information technology made of isolated […]

What IS Human Computer Interaction? Read it .

For computers we usually understand the desktop computer. But in fact all of the electronic gadgets around us are all computers. Laptops, mobile, smart watch, cameras, refrigerators, ACs, cars, everything is said to be computer. Apart from this, all the work is done with computerized tools in all factories of the factories. There are special […]

Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning Discussion . Read It Please .

Artificial Intelligence This artificial intelligence is the most important topic of current and future. Artificial Intelligence We call the correctness of the machine. The intellect is the ability to acquire knowledge and apply it. Machine learning is the accumulation of machine learning. Artificial Intelligence is the one to learn and apply with one another. We […]

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