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The Power & Ability of Programming .Welcome To A New World .

The power of programming is our imagination and beyond. The programming that you know will be able to create a new world. Can create a new virtual universe

You can create a virtual copy of your programming program. Have you seen the movie tragedence? If you do not see a bar to see it. It is possible to create a copy of itself like that movie. It is possible to increase your own knowledge of virtual reality. It is possible to do something extraordinary by applying new acquired knowledge. Not something impossible on this world of programming …

I told one of the aspects of what could be done. There are thousands of other aspects. We can see what has already happened. Then I tried to say something.

Sit down on Facebook, it’s made up of programming. There are a lot of code working behind us to show a status, picture etc. How long have we been holding the mouse / finger on a photo is being tracked. And it tracks us through Facebook. And knowing about us what we are interested in, they have seen the related add-ons in the right corner. Mobile news feed …

One of the epidemic viruses actually makes us sleeping in our hearts. When i was attacked Scientists are so busy that they know about the virus. The gene sequence of the virus is out. Prepare the antidote Vaccination … These processes were difficult before, time was too much. Have a few moments and lag For the benefit of computer and programming, it is very easy to know about a virus within a short period of time, it can be made antidote. In spite of the epidemic virus, the rate of death has decreased gradually …

Programming enhances the thinking power of people. Thinking means doing something new. Use the power that we have a powerful brain. Those who know the programming, and who do not know the programming, have different ways of thinking. Programming lets us change how we think.

Everyone has a little tension in their carrier. If you know programming, then do not worry about career. Certificates required for even ordinary jobs. And programming is just a certification. Live certificate. Thousands of jobs have been written that know the programming, for that.

Finishing up an example from Happy and Rubel’s events … It’s not possible to manually see the sample sample, who is involved, who does not. Everyone knows that with the help of computers … and computer bricks are just as content as if there is no software. Software is created by programming. And who is involved in the happenings of Happy, how many people are involved, it has been possible to find out that for the programming of this.

There is joy in knowing something new. Why do programming, how to explore these, will look good. No matter how old you are, what you read about. You can start learning if you are a little enthusiastic or interested. Just need a computer. Welcome everyone in the beautiful world of programming

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