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Programming And A Programmer . Do You Think Programming is So Hard?

Programming or coding is easy. Anyone can start. Many programmers may say many things about seriousness and seriousness, programming is difficult, and there is a lot of intelligence needed for programming. It may not be said that: Anyone can write code, to write a good code to be a good programmer.

Although programming is difficult to say this is not true, but to write good code to be a good programmer, it is true.

In fact, there is a lot of knowledge about that matter to be good at anything. This applies to any topic. Programming is not something different from this. There is nothing better to do in a day. Takes time. So it takes some time to be good at programming. No more than that. This does not mean that programming is difficult. Actually programming is just like all other simple things.

At the beginning of the programming, it may be seen that the program is not running for small mistakes. This is because my program is wrong. I do not see what is wrong. But if you find one wrong, then there will be no problem in life and the mistake. So those who are doing regular programming, they might say a code, it is wrong in this line. It is not in one day. The programmers themselves did the same mistake one day. And learned from that mistake.

Two things are very well related to good code or good programming. One is the Data Structure. Another is the algorithm. Data Structure is How to Keep My Data Eggs, such as we can not keep in any box, breaks, special eggs are needed to keep the eggs. In the same way, there is a need to keep one’s data in one and the other. And these things are learned in the data structure.
The algorithm thing is a little more fun. Find out an easy way to do a job. It can not be learned in one day. We write a program for the first time. Think later, the program can be written better than this. If it goes, do it. After doing that, think again, there is a better way than this. If so, use it.

Common things to write in all the programs, how to make these common issues easy, their process has been written before us for mathematicians or programmers. Those are the algorithms. By studying the previous algorithms we gradually did not increase our knowledge. If we work on a new problem, and no one has worked before it, then we have to develop a new algorithm.

In addition to data structures and algorithms, there are a few more things to know about. Such as software design pattern. How to create my software Use a design pattern, etc.

These will not actually be from the very first day. On the first day, someone can not draw a canvas and color palettes with monalisa. On the first day may be able to grip some canvas. One day, if there is a color palette and canvas on the day, maybe there will be something great from Monalisa. Programming is similar. Starting with “Hello world!” Then, gradually, you can make your dream, your own world code. One day!

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