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Installation & Using Of WAMP Server . How to use it?

The web site that we visit comes from the server. Servers like Apache or nginx are installed on the server. We can install Apache or nginx on our computer and use our computer as a server.

After installing the server we can see any web page there and keep it there. Web sites are created using HTML and CSS. Only sites that are created using HTML and CSS are called static web pages. We’ll put that in an HTML file, so let’s look at it. But our web sites are very rich, we have to show a lot of data. The data needs to be worked out from the user. Dynamic web page is needed for this. That’s what the user likes information shows in web sites. Our programming language is needed for this. Many programming languages are popular for creating a dynamic web site. Java, Python, PHP, ASP etc. PHP is the most commonly used among them.

While working with many data, we have to save our data on the server. Databases needed for it. There are many database management systems. MySQL, SQL Server, SQlite and others. MySQL is popular among them.

The tools needed for a web server are an HTTP server, a programming language and a database management system. They can be installed separately. The problem is that a separate complex is installed. Those who have just begun development, they may be scared to see so much complexity. For that we want everything to be installed together. Our luck is good WAMP is a package of everything for Windows. This means Windows Apache MySQL PHP. . LAMP is for Linux users. MAMP for Mac users

WAMP is easy to install and use. Go to and download it. Then install it. A folder named wamp will be created on the drive that is installed on the drive. A folder named www in that folder will be available. We can run our php files there.

We create a PHP file inside the www folder. Write a PHP script like hello.php


In order to run PHP files, the wamp server must be run first. You can go to the Start menu and run it. Then go to the browser and http: // localhost will show our wamp server’s info. If not, then the wamp server should not have been run. Check it out and run it. If run correctly, then typing http: //localhost/hello.php will show the output of our first PHP script. Instead of localhost we can also see our server.

Every website is linked to its server with its name. Which can be accessed through the IP or the address. For example, instead of, we will also see Google’s web site after browsing Similarly, the default name for the server that we installed on our computer is localhost and local ip of every computer is

With the wamp above that MySQL has been installed, we can use it with any programming. Such as Java programming, Python or Android app development, as well as database.

There is a great software with wamp, named PHPMyAdmin. Go to Localhost (http: // localhost) and find the links of PHPMyAdmin below the Tools. Going there, we can create database, view data on a table of data on the database and graphically perform all the editing. If you install MySQL normally, then these tasks are done on the command line. Working with PHPMyAdmin is very easy to do. Detailed information about creating database.

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