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Application Development Process . How To Start Develop an Applicaton?

Many of us know how to develop an app. But do not know what to develop. For this reason many people might as well work as a developer. Job is definitely something good We have so many opportunities in this world. Besides being a job, it is possible to do great things by using honesty of opportunity. Need some skills in the development skill of Pasha Pashi. Learning which development is a lot easier.

‘The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.’
– Nassim Nicholas Taleb

A nice idea is to create a nice app. They have to find ideas for him. Ideas but can not be found if not looking. Whether Facebook is Google or Amazon or Tesla All these things are a good idea. Something bigger than an idea.

Seeing any problem for IDEA, how to solve it. It may be time to study in the classroom. It may be time to get here on the bus. May be sitting in the bathroom (nice place to generate ideas!).

Our brain is very bad. Do not remember the essential things. But just keep all the things in the vicinity. Any ideas will have to be written down on the head. Then there will be discussions with friends about this idea.

There will be some ideas that will feel good to you, but it will not actually help people. All those ideas must be omitted. The time will come for the idea that many people will be able to work. Where people are low, there is less business. Where there is more people, there are more business. The first thing to do when working with any idea will be to see this business. Not that business will come to the money. If a lot of people are benefited, then it is a good idea.


After selecting an idea, think about this idea. Featurelists have to be created. What will be there, why it will remain, how will it be, the documentation will be created.


After selecting the idea, the warfram is made. Putting an apple’s workflow on paper is akin to it. And feature list that will help to create prototype. Warframe can also be done on the computer. There are many warframe software. Such as InVision, etc.


The next task of creating warfram is to create a design. Designed to be what the app or product looks like. Then the developer’s work is to make this design a reality.

Programming Language:

I give examples by Android. The official language to create an Android app is now two. One is Java, another is Cotlin. Two paradigm languages Java is Object Oriented Programming. Cotlin is Funnel Programming. Functional programming paradigm is now slowly becoming popular. So whoever learns new languages, they can learn Cotlin. And those who know Already Java can create Android apps through Java.

Apart from Java or Catalin, more and more languages can be made with Android Apps, such as C-Sharf, Java Script, C / C ++ etc. So, what language is being created with no language, it is not a mater. Two things are kept in mind. The app is so great and it can be used easily. I have a lot of writing about Android, they can be read from: Android App Development in Bengal There are some articles on iOS: iOS App Development

Offline First

When creating an app, keep in mind that the app works offline too. As many Android apps developer, most of them use limited internet. This huge number of users need offline first application.

We can do this by using the database. When the user is online, cache data and keep them. Then if the user submits something in the offline, then online will be synchronized online.

It’s not too hard to implement. You can do it a little bit. Opening the Facebook app now you can read some statuses without internet. You can also do likewise. Again, many more apps are written immediately, no internet! It is much better to show some data from the Blank app. Nike uncle is like Kama uncle!

Artificial Intelligence First

Google’s previous agenda was mobile first. The current agenda is Artificial Intelligence First. In the next two to three years, the app will use artificial intelligences. You can stay ahead of your app artificial intiliation implants.

Tensor flow can be used. Or you can use Google Cloud Vision APIs for easy access. Where everything is done. We can only use API calls. There are also many more AI platforms such as,, Microsoft Azure ML etc.


The app is easy to publish when finished developing. Open an account in the Google Play store, submit the app. Usually within two hours the app goes live in Play Store.

After publishing there is more work to do. After creating the app, people will have to tell. That’s a little publicity for that. If you write about your social network, any blog, app, you will know about the human app. Will install and use it.


There is a lot of work to do to create a better app. That work will be in vain if the app can not be manipulated properly. Although the only way we can get money from the app is to earn money from Bangladesh, and this is by Ed.

Besides, we can sell anything through the app if we want. We can receive money by using bKash or mobile money.

Then? Relax and relax. Because the money from the app created by our trouble will start coming in. It’s a passive income. Once income starts, money will have to come. Maybe there may be occasional updates to some users according to feedback. Then maybe we can give time to another idea.

Learning to develop development is actually difficult. That means a lot to know. Learning curve and much more. But the rest of the subjects are easy to know. Learning curve is less. If we know about other things, we can do a great deal of ourselves. Job does not have to If his idea is good, then Insha Allah may be able to create jobs for many people himself.

Excellent startup idea with a nice writing. Many ideas can be found in the mind

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