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What is Analogue System & Digital System ? Read It Carefully .

Digital: Digital is coming from the word digit. Digit means the number. It is calculated by isolated by. This topic is used in computers and electronic devices where the normal number or normal data is converted into a binary number. We understand digital as a digital system, which is an information technology made of isolated values. Now you can understand the analog talk with it. Analog system is a system of continuous values. So far you could not understand anything. Let’s try a little bit. It is easy to understand the difference between analog and digital.

Suppose you have a pipe in your hand, which is associated with a call or tape. Now you have left the tape so that the water from the mouth of the pipe will emerge. Now think there is enough speed in the water and the water is continuously flowing through the mouth of the pipe. Continuous water is continuing uninterrupted or analog system. Now you close the mouth once again and open it again. Then you see the water and once it is out, it does not get out again. And this is the isolated or digital system.

In the above example, you have to understand the digital and analog. If you want to know about digital analog, then try it. You have a wall. Which expresses time with thorns. And you have a clock that gives time to express time. Now you compare a little bit. The two watches are the same. But there is a problem with showing time.

Digital Clock shows you fraction of time? Imagine you have a digital clock. The clock is 10 to 10 minutes 10 seconds. There is an analog clock on the wall at the same time. After one second, the digital clock in your hands will be 10 to 10 minutes 11 seconds. The middle of the time has not been able to show the digital clock. But the analog clock gets value every moment. And the standard system is available after a certain time.

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