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Is Your Career Depends On Your Study ? Why Should Study For A Shinning Future?

Many of the computer science thinks programming is difficult, but the average of a career in other tracks. Some people in other departments, programming and software engineers as the career average.

Some teachers take a lot of studies because they teach a lot of theories. Other people may not be able to keep up with things like algorithm, data structures, or software architecture because of not initializing attention. As a result, many think that programming is so difficult to understand.

But it can be seen that other departments, besides such a good education background, many have been able to build a good career in learning programming. One of the reasons is that they have learned all the practicals. Is this writing this code? Let’s see what happens in a different way, and then a new output is seen. This way, they continue to learn. Having fun doing something new in itself. Then I want to do more. This way, they continue to learn. On the contrary, on the basis of the excerpts of the examination, many people think, ‘Leave the father, it is enough!’

Programming is actually a lot easier. If you change your thinking a little bit then it becomes easy to write code for any topic. If you think about how a code can work, then it can be done by itself. After that the code can be written to write the program once in two attempt.

We still need a lot of programmers. Programmers’ demand is increasing day by day Probably 26 lakh unemployed people have read in the newspapers. Among them, we are not a single programmer. Programmers lack work.

We have to learn all the things that the demand will increase day by day. As people who have studied with energy, their needs will never decrease. Instead, it will grow more in front. Other such topics are Agriculture, Bioscience, Biomedical, Aerospace, Nuclear Engineering etc. The problem is that there is a lot less opportunity in our country to study these issues. We are studying such things, which are not only used in the name of education but also do not come in handy. That’s why we are so unemployed. Where is the world going, what is the need of the world, do not keep these news.

We’ve read and read about. But now we can study any new issues. We can learn about any issues with Massive Open Online Courses or MOOC. We now have a career, we can gradually learn about such a thing that demand for futures will increase. Those who watched the matrix movie, they might have seen a scene, where Neo tells Trinity, can you run this helicopter? Then the Trinity says, not yet. Then the operator tells the pilot program to install it. After that he could run the helicopter. Although in the movie it shows a very quick knowledge about the subject. Although we are not so fast in reality, we can learn anything about online MOOC help. I can do it myself. Need energy

Our age is slowly rising. After us, our children, our children, will catch up in our house. We have to see who we have a younger brother, who has a child, they can learn the right things, that they need futures, and learn about them. They will have to arrange the best education for them. If not in the country abroad. They should not have to sit unemployed by studying a simple matter, and they have to take action from the school college. Just need to know where the world is going, what are the demands of what is increasing. Awaiting a bright future for everyone.

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